Wholesale Reading Glasses Distributor

Seamlessly combine value and added convenience for your eyewear customers with our robust selection of bulk reading glasses. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, more than 150 million people in the Unites States wear a type of corrective eyewear. Take this as your opportunity to expand your business by providing useful, affordable wholesale over-the-counter readers to current and potential customers!

Our wholesale readers are available for purchase in individual powers per dozen as well as assorted powers per dozen. The powers available range from +1.00 all the way to high powers such as +4.50, +5.00, and +6.00. Besides wholesale reading glasses, we also carry wholesale sunglass tinted reading glasses, sunglass bifocal readers, clear bifocal readers, and multifocal reading glasses in bulk.

As the "Reader Leader", we are the top bulk readers’ supplier for more than three decades. Our commitment and focus have propelled us forward, and we’re proud to help businesses grow their inventory with quality and affordable readers!

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