5 Standout 2018 Eyewear Trends for Men

5 Standout 2018 Eyewear Trends for Men

For guys especially, a new pair of glasses or sunglasses truly has a transformative power that can lead to a total reinvention. Since a reinvention is exactly what so many people look for in the New Year, it’s up to you to stay up to date on popular eyewear trends, especially if you own an eyewear boutique or are in charge of merchandise purchasing at an optical store. If you want to get ahead of the curve, we’ve compiled our predictions for the hottest eyewear trends for men so you can be better prepared when deciding what to stock your displays with in 2018.


Mirrored lenses are up first on our prediction list. These statement shades feature ultra-reflective lenses in bold multicolored hues from cool silver to bright orange. Quite often, more traditional frame shapes like aviators are paired with mirrored lenses for a more futuristic look. Customers who prefer a more traditional shape but want an instant upgrade will gravitate toward sunglasses with mirrored lenses for a fresh, new look. These glasses at an angle also photograph extremely well. Popular with men but also with women, mirrored lenses are something you should be sure to add to your inventory for the new year ahead!


In keeping with the futuristic theme, the translucent frame will be popular for both sunglasses and reading glasses. These see-through sunglasses feature clear plastic frames; however, sunglass frames are often combined with a colored lens. Larger plastic frames tend to cover the face, but with translucent reading glasses, your customers can make a statement by letting much of their face show. Probably more so than any other frame, these translucent glasses truly pair well with any outfit! While subtle in color, translucent glasses are for the more trendy and stylish of shoppers.

Round Wire Rim

Minimalism has quickly grown in popularity over the past year, and it shows no signs of stopping! It’s easily distinguished from other styles because of the use of sleek lines. We can see minimalism being adopted into eyewear with our third prediction on this list—wire-rim glasses. These frames often feature a single rim of wire in black, silver or gold. While so many people associate the wire-rim frame to the likes of Harry Potter and the hippie generation, these glasses give off a retro flair that many hipster guys find appealing. Sunglasses can be paired with a pop of color. These also tend to be quite popular come festival season.


Another trend perfect for festival season is pastel glasses! As we get closer to spring and summer of 2018, get ready to see the world through pastel-colored lenses. Men are seeking to expand their color options with more unconventional hues when it comes to their fashion accessories. Pastels soften edgy, bold frames and are quickly becoming a unisex favorite. The fun mix of shades will appeal to a wider audience as we approach the warmer months, making them the ideal choice for your shelves. Be sure to pick up a variety of pastel colors like teal, light blue, lavender and apricot.

Double Wire

More is more, and when it comes to double-wired sunglasses, that means extra wire loops around the frames. This double-wire trend was especially noticeable on designer runways. Taking inspiration from the steampunk movement, the interesting take on double-wire sunglasses includes loops along the top of the frame and along the sides. This gives the sunglasses frame a three-dimensional effect that makes them more modern. Easy to wear and even easier to make a stylish statement in, fine double-wire sunglasses come in a variety of colors and styles, including this geometric double wiring and these wire capped ends.

As the current year closes, it’s quite exciting to look toward the future— from new resolutions to another year of fresh fashion. What are you looking forward to in the year? Share your own predictions in the comments below!

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